Chapitre 4

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Un visiteur (Ремонт холодиль) a dit :

He left word for you to meet him at the airport at 6.

I’ll make no bones about it: I don’t like your attitude to work.

28 avril 2017

Un visiteur (Ремонт холодиль) a dit :

A new car is high on my list of priorities. A new TV is not high on my list. It can't be true!

9 mai 2017

Un visiteur (Ремонт Холодиль) a dit :

She always goes with the flow. I don't care.

12 mai 2017

Un visiteur (Rrepair lMug) a dit :

You have no business staying here without my permission.

29 mai 2017

Un visiteur (Mossi N lMug) a dit :

He goes out of his way to please her.

18 juin 2017

Un visiteur (Took F lMug) a dit :

The manager caught the boy red-handed when he was stealing cigarettes.

16 juil. 2017

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