Chapitre 4

Chapitre 6, Tome 2, 3 couvertures au choix ! ...

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Un visiteur (Nat .lMug) a dit :

He was on his toes and produced a very good impression on them.

Are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes? It won’t do you any good.

28 avril 2017

Un visiteur (Rrepair lMug) a dit :

By the way, Ann is coming back today.

29 mai 2017

Un visiteur (Mossi N lMug) a dit :

He works hard. His family is big, and he has to make a living somehow.

18 juin 2017

Un visiteur (Took F lMug) a dit :

Ann gets along with most coworkers, but doesn’t get along with Laura.

15 juil. 2017

Un visiteur (Took F lMug) a dit :

Why don’t you let bygones be bygones and forget about what he said?

15 juil. 2017

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